Welcome to Hiking Bob

Hiking Bob has joined with Studio 809 to do podcasts for all things related to hiking and outdoors activities in the Pikes Peak region and beyond.  You can listen to or download the podcasts directly from the links below, or download or subscribe to them from iTunes by clicking here or by searching for "Outdoors with Hiking Bob".

1.   Interview with Trails and Open Space Coalition Executive Director Susan Davies

2.  Interview with Sarah Simon from All Breed Dog Rescue

3.  Interview with Lynette Reagan from Colorado Springs Walking Club

4.  Interview with boating and water safety instructor Mike Badger

5.  Interview with cycling advocate Allen Beauchamp

6.  Interview with Rocky Mountain Field Institute Executive Director Jennifer Peterson

7.   Bob talks about drones, dogs, fall colors and more...

8.  Interview with Steve Bremner from the Friends of the Peak

9.  Co-host Kevin joins the podcast and they discuss climbing Pikes Peak, the Grand Canyon and more

10.  Bob talks with Gisele Miyamoto, who solo hiked the entire Colorado Trail in 2016

11.   Bob and Kevin talk about cell phone use on trails and in parks, trail ethics and more

12.  Bob and Kevin talk about cell phone apps for hiking, winter hiking prep, wildland fires and rescued bunnies

13.  Bob talks with the Incline Friends about many topics regarding the Manitou Incline

14.  Bob and Kevin talk about millennials and the outdoors

15.  Bob and Kevin talk about hiking the Grand Canyon, a new map for Palmer Park, and hiking the Crags

16.  Bob talks with Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates about their history, mission and a new trail

17.  Bob and Kevin discuss Thanksgiving and all the people and groups they thank for making outdoor rec possible

18.  Holiday gift-giving suggestions from Bob and Kevin

19.  The Manitou Incline re-opens and winter hiking tips with Bob and Kevin

20.  Bob talks with Friends of Ute Valley Park president Dan Woods

21.   Bob interviews El Paso County Parks director Tim Wolken

22.   Interview with Colorado Springs Parks director Karen Palus

23.   Bob and Kevin look back at 2016 and forward to 2017

24.   Bob and Kevin talk about what to do and where to go for winter fun

25.   Bob and Kevin discuss the economic impact of outdoor recreation

26.   An interview with John Hawk from the Guardians of Palmer Park

27.  "Secret" trails and hiking bucket lists

28.  More about hiking bucket lists, listener e-mail, and getting ready for the summer camping season

29.  Bob talks with Pat Cooper from the Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park

30.  Bob and Kevin talk about President's Day, the Antiquities Act and Colorado's National Monuments

31.   An interview with Christopher Aaby from the Catamount Institute

32.  Bob and Kevin talk about the history behind some of Colorado Springs' parks

33.  Bob and Kevin catch up on some recent hikes that they've done outside of the immediate area

34.  Bob and Kevin talk about the "State of the Outdoors" event, and hiking on Barr Trail

35.  A new interview with Trails and Open Space Exec. Director Susan Davies

36.  Bob talks again with Jennifer Peterson, Exec. Director of RMFI

37.  Bob discusses a range of topics, including Hanging Lake, National Park Week, Earth Day and more

38. Bob and Kevin talk about spring break hiking, compare the hiking experience in Colorado to other states

39. Bob talks with the Colorado Springs Parks Department about the TOPS tax anniversary and more

40. Bob and Kevin talk about hiking guide books and unique hikes

41.  It's just Bob this week with a short podcast while spending time hiking in Moab

42.  Bob and Kevin talk about Memorial Day and National Trails Day

43.  Bob talks with Allen Beauchamp about progress in the Legacy Loop project

44.  Bob and Kevin talk about Kevin's backpacking trip, Bob's trip to Yosemite and new maps

45.  Bob and Kevin answer the age-old question:  Are you lost, or just don't know where you're at?  And, more

46.  Bob talks with adventurer Jerry Rhodes, Part 1

47.  Bob and Jerry Rhodes, Part 2

48.  It's just Bob this week. Topics include hiking trails along Cottonwood Pass, the Manitou Incline, Stove Mt and more

49.  Bob and Kevin talk about doing another 14er, alpine lakes, hammock camping and more

50.  Bob talks with the people behind Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Kids on Bikes and the Pedal Station

5 1.  Bob and Kevin discuss hiking Barr Trail, the Incline, getting a new backpack and much more

52.  One year of podcasts, offline outdoor phone apps, Ring the Peak Trail system

53.  Interview with Deborah Hall, author of "Base Camp Las Vegas"

54.  Bob and Kevin talk about Kevin's trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona, the solar eclipse and recent hikes

55.  Bob talks about his trek to chase and shoot the solar eclipse

56.  Kevin's recent trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona, the eclipse, accidents on Capital Peak

57.  Bob talks with the Black Forest Trails Association

58. Bob and Kevin talk about backpacking to Ice Lake, hiking in Black Canyon National Park, maps and more

59. Bob and Kevin talk about funding Colorado's State Parks, efforts to reduce deaths on 14er's and hiking safety

60. Bob talks with the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance

61.  Bob and Kevin talk about hiking in Great Sand Dunes; the work done in Bear Creek; re-opening of Waldo Canyon

62.  Bob and Kevin discuss hiking in the newly re-opened Waldo Canyon

63.  El Paso County Commissioner Mark Waller talks about 2017 ballot issue 1A

64.  Photographers and year round campers David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick

65.  Bob and Kevin discuss proposed fee increases to National Parks, the 2017 IndyGive, and more

66. Bob and Kevin talk about hiking in Utah and Green Mountain Falls; new Keen boots; gift ideas

67.  Bob talks with "A Walk for Sunshine" author/hiker Jeff Alt about hiking the Appalachian Trail

68.  Bob and Kevin discuss Thanksgiving; re-opening of the Manitou Incline; Palmer Land Trust; Indy Give

69.  Bob and Kevin re-visit proposed increased fees at National Parks; season Forest Service jobs; Indy Give and more

70.  Bob talks about his experiences hiking and as a tourist in Kauai, Hawaii

71.   Bob and TOSC's Susan Davies recap what 2017 meant for outdoor rec, and what may be in store for 2018

72.  The "Blue Frame" controversy; recent hikes; Aiken Canyon new schedule; last minute gift ideas

73.  Colorado Springs Parks Director Karen Palus discusses 2017 accomplishments and goals for 2018

74.  El Paso County Parks Director Tim Wolken talks about 2017 and goals for 2018

75.  Bob and Kevin talk about 2017's accomplishments, goals for 2018. Where's the snow? Being prepared when hiking

76.  Bob and Kevin discuss hiking totals, recent hikes, park master plans, and more.

77.  Bob talks with the Friends of Monument Preserve

78.  Bob talks with Mikah Meyer about his trek to visit all 417 National Park Svc sites and his message of inclusion

79.  North Cheyenne Canon Park Master Plan; recent hikes & planned hikes; book signing and more

​80. Colorado Parks and Wildlife funding; did Colorado "lose" a 14er? More...

81.  Update on funding for CPW; making the Colorado Lottery permanent; Barr Trail parking; Bad behavior and more

82.  Hikers in trouble and a hiker rescued; recent hikes; North Cheyenne Canon Park Master Plan and more 

83.  Hiking on secret and remote trails; extended hours on Pikes Peak Highway; and more

84.  Interview with Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates president Cory Sutela

85.  Affects of the Cog Railway closure; more on extended hours on the Pikes Peak Highway; Fire danger

86.  Bob talks with Darcie Hannigan from the Palmer Land Trust

87.  Bob interviews Trails End Tap Room owner Kevin Weese

88.  National Park Service re-considers entry fee hikes; recent hikes; Barr Trail and Manitou Incline and more

89.  Friends of the Garden of the Gods President Hank Scarangella

90.  Cheyenne Mountain State Park Manager Mitch Martin

91.   Penn State's outdoor recreation groups; is technology while hiking bad; the most difficult trails in the region.

92. ​ Rattlesnakes and your dog; 10 difficult hikes; Duluth Trading comes to Colorado Springs

93.  Recent hikes; re-introducing wolves; wildflower sightings; bear attack; urban wildlife; Hanging Lake